Tuition Payment Options:

Please choose one of the following payment methods:

  1. Monthly Payments - Online Bill Pay or Cash accepted (no monthly handwritten checks please, bring cash to Holli for receipt). See below for bill pay set up directions.

  2. Half-Year Payments - due in September and January - personal check, online check or cash accepted

  3. Full Year Payment - due in September - personal check, online check or cash accepted.

Online Bill Pay Set Up Instructions: 

  1. Login to your bank's online bill pay.

  2. Set up payments to go to the following address: Winterset Gymnastics 113 E Court Avenue, Winterset, IA 50273

  3. Memo your child's first name (possibly reference as your account number with me).

  4. Select the "Reoccur Monthly" option and set up for 8 times. Starting end of August (to pay for September) with the last payment being sent end of March (to pay for April tuition).

  5. Accounts that have a continued pattern of delinquency will be notified of late fees ($10/month late fee) via email. Your prompt payment is appreciated.

**Toddler Class Parents: Please note Toddler Class is October - March.  Please set up payment for the "Reoccur Monthly" option and set up for 6 times, first payment beginning end of September.

When you arrive at your class....

Students should wait in the lobby until their coach signals them into the gym.  **Parents and other family members are to remain in the lobby.**

Classroom Viewing Etiquette:

Our gym was designed to provide an open viewing experience to allow the parents to be aware of what is going on in their child's class.  We want parents and other family members to be able to observe the learning, fun, and fitness.  Absolutely, we encourage parents to come and watch practice from time to time as it gives them a glimpse into their child’s progress.

Parents who are distracting or are attempting to coach to their child during class are asked to self-monitor the situation.  If a problem persists, you will be asked for a conference with Holli. 

Restroom and Water Bottles:

Our gym was designed to minimize distraction and maximize your child's time at gymnastics. If your child needs to use the restroom during class, we have a restroom inside the gym.  Preschoolers who need help may be sent out to their parents for assistance.

Students will not be allowed to leave the gym during their class to get a drink from the water fountain.  As in any sport, please have your child bring a water bottle to get drinks as needed during class.

Our Coaches and Teaching Style:

We are fortunate to have many coaches and judges associated with our gym.  Although all of them are trained with the same materials, they each have their own teaching style.  We know there is great opportunity for our athletes when they have a chance to work with different adults with multiple perspectives and explanations. 

At times, you will see your child's group sitting down listening to the coach or observing a skill.  Observation is an incredibly important part of learning gymnastics technique.  Your child may be asked to demonstrate at times so their peers can benefit.

Communication & Progress:

Email is our main form of communication. Parents should expect emails throughout the year with pertinent information about their child's class. To insure that you remain informed, submit the email address (or multiple email addresses) that are most frequently checked on registration form. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page. See your email inbox to confirm newsletter subscription.

For parents who are unable to visit with Holli after class, we encourage you to inquire via email to keep open communication about your child's progress.

Don’t compare your child to others. There may be various levels in each class. Our teachers are used to working that way and will strive to give each child equal attention.  If you think your child needs more help, consider a second class, see Holli for discount information on additional classes.

Class Pick Up:

Please plan to pick your child up from class on time.  You must contact the gym if you are going to be late.  Text or call Holli at 515.462.4552 to make arrangements.

Dress Code:

For maximum safety of your child please have them dress properly for class. 

Girls:  Please have your daughter wear a leotard for modesty and to allow us to coach proper body positioning.  Tight fitting shorts are permitted.  Choose a gymnastics leotard (not a dance leotard).  Gymnastics leotards are designed to stay in place.  We want everyone to feel confident in what they have on and not to be tugging at their leotard to try to maintain modesty. 

Boys:  Athletic shorts and a t-shirt to tuck in.

Toddler/Parent & Child Class: Girls and boys can wear shorts or leggings/sweatpants and a t-shirts or leotard.

 Trampoline Shoes: All students must wear trampoline shoes or socks to protect their feet.  Trampoline shoes are available to purchase at the gym.  Please no ballet shoes or dance shoes are they are slippery and not the same material.

Hair & Jewelry: Hair must be pulled back for all classes.  Pigtails are recommended for the Kindergym class.  For safety, no jewelry except stud earrings.

View our apparel for purchase at this link: Winterset Gymnastics Apparel

Our Sessions & Breaks:

Our school year session will go from September (week after Labor Day) through April.  We will take Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break according to Winterset School District schedule.  Summer class schedule will be determined early spring.


September 9 - 1st day of School Year Session Class

November 27-28 Closed for Thanksgiving

December 23 - January 2 Closed for Christmas

March 16-20  Closed for Spring Break

April 27-30 Last week of School Year Session Class


Ongoing Registration:

All students enrolling in the school year session will remain enrolled through the end of April.  If for any reason you wish to end your child's enrollment you must provide a 30 day written/email notice.

Make- up Policy:

We want you to receive an excellent value at Winterset Gymnastics, therefore, if your child misses a class for illness, school concert, etc., we will offer you a makeup class time.  We want every child to take advantage of all their classes and have the opportunity to practice their gymnastics consistently.  Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy and we ask that you do not exceed 4 make-up classes per year.  Email Holli to schedule make-up class time.

Extreme Weather:

In the event that Winterset Gymnastics adjusts class times or closes for extreme weather, we will email you will the adjusted schedule and also post it on our Facebook page.  Please don't think if school is cancelled we will cancel class.