What to expect from your Baby Bear..

The sport of gymnastics is the foundation of coordination and movement used in all other sports. This class can give you 30-minutes of uninterrupted time to spend just with your little one. 

We want every child to be safe and happy at gymnastics.  

Please follow our rules:

  1. Only the parents (or other approved adult) will be allowed to participate in the Parent & Child class assisting their Tiny Tumbler.

  2. Additional adults/grandparents and older siblings will not be allowed on the gymnastics floor. They are welcome to watch the class from the viewing area. Older siblings that are not age appropriate for the class present a safety issue to the little ones enrolled.

  3. Every adult and child who attends class should wear socks. No street shoes can be worn in the gymnastics area.

  4. The big trampolines on the north side of the gym will NOT be used in this class. We know these trampolines are a temptation for your child. However, there are several reasons we want to have the little ones wait until they are older to use this equipment.

    1. Even though these trampolines are in ground, there are still safety concerns with where a person should be on trampoline.

    2. We are very strict about allowing 1 person per trampoline with our preschool groups and older. This young age group will possibly struggle with the concept of taking turns.

    3. We DO NOT allow parents to go on the trampolines with their child. These little ones can easily be catapulted by another well meaning person.

    4. We want them to experience the multiple activities in the main portion of the gym and have a well rounded experience from their class. We don't want the trampolines in the back to be the focus of this class. Thank you for understanding. If your child wants to use the trampolines, please redirect them to the tumble track or either of the double mini trampolines.

What to Expect From Your baby bear and Your Role in the Class:

  1. Don’t compare your child to others. Each child physically and mentally matures differently. Many of the children have been to class here before and know what to expect and already feel comfortable at gymnastics class. The age of the students in class is important to remember, because even a few months older at this age can make a big difference in behavior.

  2. During the class if your child doesn’t cooperate and wanders off to do their own thing, don’t yell at them. Encourage them to come back to the group. But if they start doing another activity that you know is something they have done in class before, let them do it and help them. Once they “do their own thing”, they may look over at the group and decide that looks like fun, and will hopefully re-join the class at that time. If they attempt to use the trampolines on the north side of the gym, you need to ask them to choose another activity.

  3. There are many benefits to coming to a class like this for both you and your child. This is a place where many friendships are created. Use this unique opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships for your child and yourself.

  4. Your child needs your approval. Try to encourage activity and movement. Praise them as often as you can.

Our Baby Bears Gymnastics Class is a unique situation where you get to be out on the floor with your child. You don’t get to join them on the soccer field, the basketball court, or in kindergarten. Lots of hugs and high-fives should be the mainstay here in class.

Parent & Child Class Structure:

5 minutes: Explore the gym and make new friends.

15 minutes: Circuit learning in obstacle course format. Skills and progressive drills presented by instructor.

5 minutes: Child's choice. Choose your favorite activity for the last few minutes of class.

5 minutes: Parachute Game & Goodbyes!