We are proud to offer Tumbling and Trampoline Classes for children from 2 through 18 years old.  Our program is designed for children who wish to explore the sport of gymnastics, who wish to eventually compete in it, who wish to use the skills acquired in another sport, dance, or theater, or who simply want to participate because it is fun!  

At Winterset Gymnastics, we believe whole-heartedly that gymnastics is a great sport in which to participate on a non-competitive basis, we also see a great benefit from children having the opportunity to participate in a team environment if that is of interest to them.

At Winterset Gymnastics, your child will spend the classes learning tumbling and trampoline while bouncing, running, jumping, and climbing their way through our amazing facility.

Core Values

  • Gymnastics is hard, yet rewarding. We believe in teaching life lessons through the sport of gymnastics.

  • We put kids first.

  • We have fun.

  • We place a high importance on mastering proper technique as the path for progression.

  • We provide a safe, clean environment.

  • We have energetic, educated, caring coaches with the owners participating in every class.

  • Our coaches pursue excellence in teaching the sport of gymnastics and continue to learn new techniques and drills.

  • We treasure the opportunity to work with each child.

  • We respect our families and will always present all fees upfront.  We won't surprise you with unexpected costume charges or programs fees.